• Regulator Built in NRV

Regulator Built in NRV

R1N Series - Air Regulator (With built in Non Return Valve) - Sizes G1/4, 3/8, 1/2
  • Conform to ISO 6953 - 1
  • Suitable for panel and modular mountings
  • Non raising Press to Lock adjusting knob for locking at any set pressure
  • Diaphragm operated, relieving type
  • Pressure compensated by balanced poppet
  • Flow compensated in models R14 and R15 (with venturi) for faster response
  • Good flow and regulating characteristics
  • Built in non return valve allows free air flow in reverse direction. When the inlet air is reduced by and below the setup pressure
Apart from its basic regulating characteristics in forward direction, this regulator with a built in non return valve allows free air flow in reverse direction, thus enabling to be used in applications requiring cylinders to exert two different force during extending and retracting strokes.

  • Note the direction of flow before installation and connect piping accordingly
  • Flush pipings for dirt, dust, rust and other foreign particles
  • Install in clean atmosphere
  • Nipples with taper threads ( R ) to be used with teflon tape. Ensure Teflon tape doesnot enter the unit during tightening. Nipples with straight threads ( G ) to be used with sealing washer.

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