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  • Rotary Clamp Cylinder

Rotary Clamp Cylinder

A01R1 Series - Ø12, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63mm

  • For ease of loading & unloading workpiece at restriction
  • High speed operation : 0.2 sec/stroke
  • Compact cylinders with strong clamping force, Ø12 to 63mm
  • Reed switches can be mounted on cylinder surfaces as input signals to controllers
  • Improved mounting accuracy. Guide bush and positioning pin hole ensure high-precision mounting
  • Body machined from extruded aluminium that mounts directly to equipment for rigid, secure mounting in small space
  • Compact equipment design is possible. Suited for electronic parts inspection clamps. Ideal for use in small mounting space
  • A built-in magnet is standard, sensor can be directlymounted. Mounting from 3 directions (Ø12 to 16mm) (4 directions for Ø20 to 63mm)