Established in 2021, Janatics Industrial Automation (JIA) is Group Company of Janatics India Private Limited, the leading world-class manufacturer of pneumatic products.
The company provides industrial automation and process control solutions with our product line which comprises of high-precision products such as Solenoid valves, Solenoid coils, Solenoid operators (Armature) and Connectors etc.,
With the team of highly skilled and experienced professionals having capabilities in multiple products and industry specific solutions enables us to provide a wider range of support which gives the customer an added advantage in terms of availability, flexibility, greater effciency and cost-effective services.
By fusing decades of technology and engineering expertise, JIA continues to solve industrial complex challenges with innovative solutions for customers. Our company creates technology with the purpose of adding real value to customers.
We’re passionate about what we do. Our goal is to meet our customer’s expectations in a long-term relationship and energizes the transformation of industries to achieve a more productive and sustainable future.


CE Certification for all pneumatic Solenoid Coils